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Zach Smalley

Real Estate Agent - Group Coaching

Kyle is awesome! He helped me connect so many dots and even outlined people that I would work well with. He opened up a world of possibilities!

Zach Smalley

Business Owner Flannel Media - Group Coaching

Here's the thing about Kyle — he knows the right questions to ask, and the right follow up questions to

ask. He helps you get out of your own head, and think through solutions to problems you're facing.

Thanks for all the help Kyle, you're great at what you do.

Hilary Williamson

Small Business Owner - Group Coaching

Working with Kyle has been a wonderful addition to my coaching practice and my personal life. His knowledge, kindness and committment to his clients creates a powerful journey of new beginnings. I am so grateful I can now also call him, my friend. I highly recommend this gentleman to help guide any leaders who want to increase their leadership abilities, or to change perspectives and direction in life for one's own journey. Thank you, Kyle!

Jeffery Hill

Group Coaching

Kyle is a fantastic presenter and a very effective coach. He made learning fun and applicable and gave us some great tools to help us communicate more effectively with different personality types in the work place and life. I look forward to working with Kyle in the future and highly recommend his services.